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Whanganui Works For Business

There are big opportunities outside the big cities

Businesses thrive in Whanganui, due to our accessible location, comprehensive infrastructure, a proactive council and low operational overhead.

Our district’s strategic advantages have led to the development of a rich and diverse economy, known for innovative and niche businesses. We welcome new additions to our community and invite you to discover what Whanganui can do for you and your business.

Top 10 Industries by Contribution to GDP

Whanganui has a diverse economy, where businesses of all types can thrive.

Our district’s population is around 44,500, which is large enough to support a market for almost any business, while remaining small enough to facilitate authentic connections with customers, clients and collaborators.

New ventures benefit from enthusiastic community backing and established businesses discover opportunities for expansion and innovation through relationships with like-minded businesses.

If you want to do business in Whanganui, you go down the road, you knock on the door, you have a chat and you get something moving. It’s that easy.

Wade Coneybeer

Alarmwatch Whanganui

Business Diversity

A diverse businesses community is one of the advantages of Whanganui’s economy. Our successful businesses come in all sizes, from family-run booths at the Saturday market to factories operating 24/7 to meet international demand. Low operational costs benefit businesses of all sizes, and our location and infrastructure support open-ended growth.

Whanganui has a great variety of business types — creative, industrial, retail, professional and agricultural — and the connections that develop in our compact city develop into unique and productive partnership opportunities.

“When it comes to the art aesthetics, packaging and things like this for the finished product, I need artists and there are a lot of them at my disposal here.”

Jarred Green

Retro Revolutions



Our city is a central distribution hub, positioned in the middle of the North Island and well-serviced by road and rail. With an airport nine-minutes from the CBD, Whanganui locals can travel from the office to Auckland Airport in just over an hour. This infrastructure gives our businesses reliable, timely and affordable options for reaching customers anywhere in the world.

Whanganui’s digital infrastructure is also well-developed, ensuring businesses have access to technology that makes their work faster and easier. our city was one of the first in New Zealand to roll out ultra-fast broadband and we’ve remained at the forefront of digital developments: in 2018, an international think tank ranked Whanganui the best small smart city in the world.

Ref: NZHearld

We lead the way in terms of technology and we’re always developing new concepts and putting those into practice. Whanganui is a good place for it because we’ve got ultra-fast broadband, which makes that easy. We’re also in an area where it’s easy to get to from the rest of the world.

Miles Fothergill

Q-West Whanganui

Low Overhead

A range of industrial, agricultural, commercial and office real estate is available for sale or rent at afford prices, which leaves room in your budget for reinvesting in your business.

Our affordable property market also applies to residential listings, which enhances the quality of life of business owners and their staff.

13 commercial properties currently listed on

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prime kfc investment

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westbourne estate development

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There’s plenty of resources, land, property, places to rent and it’s all pretty affordable.

Johann Ander

Yobees Honey LTD

Ease of Doing Business

Consents and compliance processes are efficient in Whanganui. Thanks to a productive and forward-thinking council, systems are in place to resolve compliance issues quickly and simply. Business owners work with a facilitator who acts as a single point of contact, arranges meetings with relevant council departments and provides advice and guidance along the way.

Active employment brokers also make doing business in Whanganui easy. There are several organisations, both private and Council-supported, that match businesses with local talent, work on succession planning and provide assistance with recruitment and retention.

The talent pool in Whanganui runs deep. We’re a regional centre for tertiary education in creative industries, tech and trade, with the ability to develop new programmes in response to industry demand. Thanks to close relationships between education providers, the business community and the Whanganui District Council, training gaps are identified and addressed quickly.

Here in Whanganui, we have a stable workforce with a vibrant, capable staff, which is absolutely vital.

Michael Eden

GDM Retail Systems

Made in Whanganui

Whanganui products are found around the world.

Whiskas and Pedigree brand pet food

The helmets protecting New York firefighters

The seat leather in an Audi Q7

The Waiheke Island Ferries



Unmatched Lifestyle

Owning a business is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle, and living in Whanganui allows you to make the most of it. In our compact and affordable city, you can chase your dreams without sacrificing time with friends, family and hobbies, and the range of recreation options means you’ll never run out of satisfying ways to spend your time.

We live in a paradise.

Matthew Edmonds

Lucky Bar + Kitchen


Interested in doing business in Whanganui? Our economic development agency, Whanganui & Partners, offers a number of services that support businesses launch, grow and relocate. The team can assist you with market research, business advice, consents and compliance and more. All services are free of charge.

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Download our guide to doing business in Whanganui and discover why Whanganui works for so many different businesses.



The Whanganui Airport offers quick and easy daily flights to Auckland with Air Chathams