Your business can flourish with Amplify, Whanganui & Partners grant to help you take the next step.

Amplify strengthens the foundations that enable businesses to thrive.

Our quarterly Amplify grants, of up to $4000 each are for businesses and organisations in the Whanganui rohe. Each grant is intended to help boost your business and make your work resilient.


All businesses and organisations are eligible, including those with a focus on Whanganui’s high-growth sectors:


  • advanced manufacturing and logistics
  • agri-business/primary industries
  • creative industries
  • visitor/tourism


What gets funded?


Amplify grants are one-off payments of up to $4000 for a project or initiative that will boost or sustain your business or organisation. This might look like:


  • New ticketing or telecommunications system
  • Facility expansion
  • Purchasing specialist equipment
  • Website development or business software
  • Expanding into export markets
  • Product/service innovation
  • Brand awareness and growth


We want your business to thrive and do good things for our city.


We are looking for applicants that can demonstrate a resilient and productive future for their business or organisation – and one that contributes to the growth and well-being of Whanganui.


Go ahead and share your vision with us and how it will contribute to creating a prosperous local economy we all love to live in.


Amplify grants have been offered quarterly since November 2022. The current round will be the fourth and final round of Amplify grants in 2023. Scroll down or read our press release for more information.


Applications for this final quarter have now closed.


What’s next for Amplify?


Although this is the final round of awarding Amplify in the form of grants, there will be more opportunities for local businesses to benefit from new Amplify programmes in the future.

Amplify will return with opportunities to improve your staff’s skills, your technological capability, or your connections within the business community. Connect with us also to watch out for opportunities to access Amplify scholarships and training programmes. We want Amplify to help businesses realise their potential in multiple ways.


Terms & Conditions
  • Amplify will be awarded four x per year. Each grant will be of an amount up to $4,000
  • Amplify applicants must have been in business for one year (minimum)
  • Businesses applying for Amplify must be based in the Whanganui region
  • Applicant is not required to be GST registered however if registered for GST, the application must include all costs as GST exclusive
  • Amplify applications must include a budget with quotes for the requested item
  • Amplify winners must use their grant in accordance with their funding application
  • Amplify cannot be used for infrastructure that is related to repairs and maintenance
  • Amplify cannot be used to support volunteers, labour, wages or salaries, debt servicing or repayment, medical expenses or public services (education, health, etc)
  • Amplify cannot be used for retrospective business investments (e.g., already purchased equipment)
  • Amplify cannot be used to support political parties or lobby groups
  • Amplify winner’s consent to Whanganui & Partners using their name and photo for advertising and publicity purposes without further compensation
  • Applications stay live for 12 months until September 22 2023, and will be automatically considered in each quarterly round. New information can be submitted if circumstances change
  • Businesses can make one application per year. An individual who owns more than one business is eligible to submit one application per business
  • Amplify winners (the business) can only win once per year (12-month period)
  • Applications will be assessed by a judging panel. Whanganui & Partners has final discretion over all winners
  • The grants will be awarded at Whanganui & Partners’ office in the Innovation Quarter at the assessors’ discretion
  • Amplify grants are not transferable
  • Whanganui & Partners staff, board, and immediate family are not eligible
  • Whanganui & Partners reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions
  • As a local authority under the Public Records Act 2005 (PRA), all W&P staff are required to create and maintain full and accurate records of business activities, which can then be requested via an official request for information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA)

About Whanganui & Partners

We work to promote Whanganui as a destination to live, visit, work, study and invest.

Our activities also include supporting new and existing businesses, bringing events to Whanganui and providing the latest economic data, analysis and commentary on the Whanganui district.

Our Partners

Our relationships form an intrinsic part of our culture and how we work as an organisation. Along with our partners, we help with the facilitation of guidance or expertise. We lead in consultation with a range of partners and stakeholders and work with them to realise the full potential of Whanganui.

Our partnerships lead to better outcomes for our businesses and community.

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