Invest, move or start your business in Whanganui - we make it easy for you.

Working with Whanganui District Council, we streamline processes and remove obstacles that get in the way of business growth. We are able to do this through the Business Friendly Group, a cohort of the relevant council and Whanganui & Partners staff who work directly with business owners to provide assistance and support.

How does it work?

If your business wants to establish in or relocate to Whanganui, the Whanganui & Partners facilitated Business Friendly Group can help. The Business Friendly Group helps businesses by identifying all the processes a new venture needs to work through, and gathering the relevant Whanganui District Council experts together in one place to get things underway.


A Business-Friendly Group facilitator will identify which council team members need to be involved in your project and will organise a meeting with the right people. This meeting can include staff from Property, Infrastructure, Building Control, Regulatory, Planning and Communications teams – or whoever is relevant to your business’ needs.


Once you have met with the Business Friendly Group, your Whanganui & Partners facilitator will keep in touch with you to make sure your project is progressing.


Invest in this growing city

Now is a great time to invest in Whanganui. The local economy is resilient and businesses are forming and growing at pace. Consumer demand is strong and opportunities for investment and development abound as net migration drives population growth.


Whanganui has excellent infrastructure and economic diversity and the business leaders at Whanganui & Partners are ready to help you realise this city’s investment potential.

Find out how to move your business to Whanganui

About Whanganui & Partners

We work to promote Whanganui as a destination to live, visit, work, study and invest.

Our activities also include supporting new and existing businesses, bringing events to Whanganui and providing the latest economic data, analysis and commentary on the Whanganui district.

Our Partners

Our relationships form an intrinsic part of our culture and how we work as an organisation. Along with our partners, we help with the facilitation of guidance or expertise. We lead in consultation with a range of partners and stakeholders and work with them to realise the full potential of Whanganui.

Our partnerships lead to better outcomes for our businesses and community.

Find out how to move your business to Whanganui

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