Find your next business partner, employee, or gig through Talent Connect

The Talent Connect app is the first of its kind in Whanganui. It's a skills-based app that helps you connect with people based on the skills you have to offer or that you are looking for. Download the app and create your profile today!

How it works

Whanganui is a fast-growing city – which means our job market is too.


The Talent Connect app connects you with the people you’re looking for in your professional life – whether you’re looking to explore a career change, expand your local network, or hire the next superstar for your business. The best part? This app is exclusive to Whanganui professionals, which means you get to connect with locals for future opportunities.


Talent Connect is designed to be skills-based, which means you get to find potential connections and jobs based on the skills you need or have to offer.


For example, your business could be looking for someone with marketing experience and you need them to do a one-off project for a social media campaign. Instead of looking for someone who has the word ‘marketer’ on their resume, you may find out there is an event organiser that has experience around social media campaigns and could be a good fit for the project.


Another example is you’re new to town and want to meet other professionals in the area that work in your field. In this case, you could download the app and network away.


This is where Talent Connect shines – you can connect with businesses and people you may have never have reached in the past.


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Why Talent Connect?

We know that Whanganui businesses are looking for workers and we also know that we have a skilled population of people looking at new job opportunities or just simply wanting to network with others in the area.


We created this app for you to start the conversation. If you’re a business and need someone to help on a small project, or need to hire some staff, this is the app for you. If you have skills to offer the business community, this app can get you connected with people looking exactly for the skillset.


How is Talent Connect better than SEEK or TradeMe?

Conventional platforms are easy enough to put an advertisement up on, but they reach a limited number of potential applicants.


If a person has low confidence in their qualifications or ability, or if the application process is too complicated, they can easily be discouraged from applying. They also miss people who are casually looking for new work or people who are just looking for networking opportunities.


With Talent Connect, employers can meet locals with transferable skills that they can tap into for their business.


Have a question about Talent Connect? 

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