You might have some questions about how Talent Connect works

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you.

What happens after you swipe right?  

Get connected! Have a conversation on the app or grab a cuppa to chat about what you can offer the business.  


I haven’t worked professionally in many places, but I have done lots of volunteering at my kids kindy, among other projects at the school. Will this app work for me to find a part-time job? 

Absolutely. Since this is a skills-based app, businesses on this app are looking for what skills you can bring to their business. Maybe you’re a champion with fundraising at the school or maybe you’re a star when it comes to planning field trips. Whatever your past experience is, it counts. Figure out what skills you’re good at, and start putting them in the app. Chances are there is a business out there looking exactly for your skillset. 

What if I need to hire someone for a personal short-term project like landscaping at my house or an art project, can I use this app? 

Yes – you can. When you’re signing up, sign-up as a business and put your name in the business name section. Make sure to explain what you’re looking for in the about section.


I’ve been thinking about becoming a freelancer in Whanganui. How do I get started? 

You’ve came to the right place. Talent Connect is where you can launch your small brand, and get connected with businesses that are looking for your skills. Whanganui businesses are always in need of extra hands for projects – this could be in areas like branding, social media, graphic design, videography, photography, building websites, etc.  


Is Talent Connect like Fiverr/Upwork? 

Sorta. We’re keen to get you to connected with people who’re in need of your skills, but that’s to the extent we do. Fiverr/Upwork are large companies that deal with the payment side of things as well. Here we’re trying to keep it as easy as possible, and it’s up to you to make the next move.  


I need to re-connect with someone I didn’t match with. How do I do this? 

If it happened immediately, you can use the back button. Alternatively, if you remember some of their skills that they’re looking for, you can go to the search section and look up one of the skills they had on their profile. For example, if Anna had the skill ‘Bookkeeping’ on her profile under the skills section, you’ll be able to find her that way. We are looking at creating a search function for the app for the future. Watch this space.  


I can’t find my skill on the list. What do I do? 

If a skill you’re looking for is not in the pre-populated skills list, type it in the ‘add skills’ area, and click on the plus sign. If you find there are more skills you’d like to see in the pre-populated list, send us an e-mail at


If I find someone through the app, should we go through a typical job interview?  

It’s up to both of you what the next steps are. Since Talent Connect is more of a non-formal way to connect with businesses, we’d recommend meeting up and having a face-to-face korero.  


Why should I use Talent Connect instead of conventional job advertising platforms like SEEK or TradeMe? 

Platforms like SEEK and TradeMe are easy enough for a business to put a job advertisement up, but these platforms narrow down the number of potential applicants a business could be getting. If a person has low confidence in their qualifications or ability, or if the application process is too complicated, they can be easily swayed not to apply. It also doesn’t capture people that are casually looking for new work. With Talent Connect, employers can meet Whanganui locals with transferable skills that they can tap into for their business. 


I’ve got some feedback to make the app better. How do I get in contact with you? 

We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any suggestions of skills to add, or functionalities to improve, please get in contact with us. Our e-mail address is

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