Hiring people can be difficult – especially in a job-seekers' market

Trying to keep up with market demand is difficult when people aren't applying for the roles you need covered. This is where Talent Connect comes in - work with people who have the skills you're looking for.

Talent Connect is the app for you to connect with skilled locals 

Are you a business owner looking for more skilled staff? Or maybe you want an easy way to network with other professionals in Whanganui? Talent Connect is here to get you connected in Whanganui.


On the app, you might find a carpenter that has the skills you need for a role at your factory, or you might find a thought-leader in the area you’d like to have a cuppa with. Talent Connect has a wide variety of skilled people on the app for you to connect with.


How to use it 

1. Download the app at the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android

2. Set up your business profile

When you’re setting up your business’ profile, it’s important to let the talent know who your company is and what exactly are you looking for. Here’s an idea of some things to include in your profile: 


    • What does your company do? 
    • Are you casually looking for new workers, or is there a specific role you’re looking to fill? 
    • Are you just looking to network with other professionals in Whanganui? 
    • If you are looking to fill a role, is the work flexible?  
    • Is there a range of different work someone could pick up, or parts of it?  
    • Are you looking for someone to do a short-term project for you?
    • What type of skills are you after? 
    • What can you offer them? 


By identifying what you’re looking for, it makes it easier for the talent to know if it’s going to make a good fit or not. It also helps with starting a conversation. 


If a skill you’re looking for is not in the pre-populated skills list, type it in the ‘add skills’ area, and click on the plus sign.  

3. Start swiping

That’s it! It’s really that easy. Get connected with people looking for work in Whanganui. 


If there’s a specific skill you’re looking for and don’t want to swipe in the app, toggle to the search area of the app and type in the skill you’re looking for. Swipe right ⇒ if you want to connect, swipe left if you don’t think it’s a good fit. 


Once you’ve swiped right to a few people, they’ll be put into categories in the ‘search’ function. Find someone with the skill you’re looking for there. 


Have a question? Read our Frequenty Asked Questions page.

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