Rēwena parāora gets UNESCO nod

George Jackson’s rēwena parāora has been included in UNESCO’s Breads of the Creative Cities Project.

This project extends the concept of “bread” to be defined as any basic staple food prepared using water and a local cereal, in whatever traditional way each community typically prepares it. The project creates an opportunity to connect the peoples and cultures represented by the Creative Cities Network through representative examples of their traditional “breads”.

This is the first project that has been open to all the 295 UNESCO Creative Cities, thus allowing for the first full-network inter-clusters cooperation. UNESCO Creative Cities Network’s goal is to compile a .pdf version of a book and create a “Breads of the Creative Cities” digital library that links to additional information in multiple media. You can find more on the Breads project and see the ‘Baker’ section to see how George will be featured here.

This is an incredible recognition of the unique story behind George’s bread and highlights the way in which the Creative Cities Network elevates and celebrates the contribution indigenous cultures make to their cities’ design heritage.

Watch George making his rēwena parāora

Read the story

Buy the rēwena parāora


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