Economic Updates and Insights to be Shared at Public Forum

Whanganui & Partners' Public Forum is coming up.

Whanganui & Partners is holding a Public Forum on March 23. This is an opportunity for the public to hear how the local economy is performing and to learn more about the work the economic development agency does to assist the business sector and wider community.

Whanganui & Partners will be inviting key members from the business community to speak at this forum, offering insights into the year that has been.

The agency will also have an informal discussion exploring how the unique challenges of the past year have been met, and talk about how our local businesses will adapt as they continue to respond to the effects of COVID-19.

Chief Executive Hannah Middleton says she is looking forward to her first Public Forum at the Whanganui & Partners helm.

“Our Public Forums have always given valuable insights into our local economy and this time we certainly have an interesting period to reflect on.”

Hannah said sharing the forum with members of the business community was especially important now, as businesses face a time of personal challenges and adapted practices for our collective well-being.

“We know businesses have been hugely challenged and yet our data shows us our economy has managed to exceed all expectations. We look forward to hearing how local businesses have contributed to this success.

“This is also our chance to show the public the work we do, and share some personal reflections on how we have worked with businesses and helped them adapt their approaches during an unpredictable period.”

Hannah said the Public Forum, held twice a year, was a good way to support Whanganui & Partners’ profile as a forward-thinking agency focused on collaboration and cross-sector partnerships.

“We aim for transparency in our processes and we enjoy celebrating our successes with the business community. We’re all working towards shared aims, albeit on different scales, and we recognise communication and openness as key in maintaining respect for our work.”

The agency had enjoyed good attendance at its last Public Forum in November, she said, when it welcomed economist Brad Olsen to speak on Whanganui’s unique strengths and resilience.

“We hope to engage an even greater number of people at this upcoming forum,” Hannah said, “as we look at our economy from the perspective of locals.”

The Public Forum will be held at FRANK. Bar + Eatery, 60 Ridgway St, on Tuesday 23 March, from 5:30-7:30pm. Attendance is free but guests are encouraged to register.


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