GovHack Whanganui

This international competition invites forward-thinking people of all abilities, challenging them to try their hand at making productive use of the wealth of open data available to us in everyday life

Join thousands of others and apply your creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills to design a project in what has now become the largest open data hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world.

Where: Alexander Heritage & Research Library Te Rerenga Mai o Te Kāuru at Pukenamu Queen’s Park, Whanganui

Start: Friday, 20 August, 5pm

Duration: 48 hours

End: Sunday, 22 August, 6pm 

Whanganui GovHack will allow people within the Manawatū-Whanganui district or afar to come together in one space, the Alexander Library situated in the heart of the Whanganui CBD.  This will will be open to anyone who wants to participate in GovHack. All ages welcome and no previous experience required, just bring your creativity.

Full facilities will be available including wi-fi, printing and photocopying, spaces to create and library devices that can be used alongside those who bring their own. Catering will be provided throughout the weekend and a full kitchen is available for those with dietary requirements.

Why does GovHack matter?

Formed with the objective to raise the profile of open government data, GovHack has evolved to encompass the following objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity through open data for government, citizens and industry to collaborate, gain knowledge and develop new skills
  • To showcase open data as a mechanism for identifying and solving deep-rooted social, economic and environmental challenges
  • To impress upon Government the economic and societal value of quality, machine- readable, standardised open data
  • To highlight the increasing value of open data as a tool to promote transparency, strengthen democracy, and develop trust



GovHack is a festival of ideas that, by making use of the government data available to the public, creates projects that better lives and communities


‘GovHack in a Box’ – GovHack is a package: a template with a scalable model that operates in Australia and New Zealand and has been adapted and delivered in other countries to facilitate open data literacy internationally.

GovHack Values

Inclusive – GovHack is for everyone! Age-less, diverse, accessible, safe and secure
Free – all GovHack events, everywhere, for everyone
Hackers first – GovHack prioritises the needs of the community who are participating
Regional – GovHack is in regional towns for regional talent participation. GovHack is not just for cities
Volunteer-driven – passionate volunteers are the change makers to bring GovHack alive
Transparent – accountable, published communications, timely and available release of GovHack’s own data
Open Access – advocate for open data, open source, shareable, adaptable
FAIR – findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable

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