Imagine a place

Imagine a place that’s part of a globally recognised UNESCO network, counting Berlin and Dubai as counterparts.

By Jonathan Sykes

Imagine a place that’s part of a globally recognised UNESCO network, counting Berlin and Dubai as counterparts. A place where GDP has grown by 26% over ten years and which in 2022 saw its best economic results in a generation.

Imagine a place where businesses are supported in their aspirations. A place where visitors have spent $175m in the past year and where this rising number of visitors is creating growth unsurpassed in any other part of the country.

Imagine if you lived in that place. Had a business in that place. Imagine you were raising a family, studying or creating your own dream lifestyle in that place. Imagine if you had contributed to making a positive impact in that place.

In Whanganui, there’s no need to imagine. We are that place.

As the district’s economic development agency, through the vital support of your investment and that of the Whanganui District Council, Whanganui & Partners has helped realise a place that has come into its own. That is playing its own tune, rather than second fiddle to the rest of the country. Where out-of-town admirers are proud advocates and sing our praises.

Whanganui & Partners is the agency that promotes Whanganui and works to grow local businesses and the economy. We do so through a talented team of skilled people, many attracted to Whanganui by this virtuous circle that has been created. We are proud to be returning on the investment you are making in Whanganui through us.

We’ve done it by attracting new events to Whanganui, delivering a multi-million dollar economic impact. Attracting international students to learn in Whanganui, delivering hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic returns from a modest investment. We’ve promoted Whanganui ceaselessly and we’ve grown Whanganui’s reputation as the place to be.

We’ve done it by establishing a regional film office, attracting international films with a multi-million dollar economic benefit. We’ve been central to ensuring small businesses in Whanganui access central government funding. Funding at its peak worth nearly half a million dollars a year to support businesses through the pandemic.

It’s not a figment of our collective imaginations. It’s an ideal grounded in reality and data. And by what we all see today and will see tomorrow.

Whanganui & Partners relies on your investment to keep working for Whanganui’s prosperity and I want to thank you for doing that. This is your place and we’re honoured to work for you. Follow our Facebook page and LinkedIn or visit our website to find out more about what we do for you.


About Whanganui & Partners

Whanganui & Partners is Whanganui’s economic development agency, regional tourism organisation and regional film office. Whanganui & Partners manages the city’s UNESCO City of Design designation and the Whanganui isite Visitor Information Centre.

We lead and drive opportunities for the Whanganui region through business, education and lifestyle. We support new and existing businesses, bring events to Whanganui and provide the latest economic data, analysis and commentary on the Whanganui region. We work with stakeholders from our agricultural industries, creative industries and arts, manufacturing, logistics, education and visitor industries. Our work supports and promotes our economy’s strengths, capabilities and exceptional advantages.

We focus on Whanganui’s surge sectors and the key drivers that enable our economic growth.

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