Catch up with us at Whanganui & Partners' Sessions

At a catch-up session with a group of friends you can expect to hear everyone’s exciting news, get some great advice, and enjoy thought-provoking conversation and ideas.

The same can be expected from Whanganui & Partners’ Sessions, our informal update on some of the activity that has captured interest and imaginations recently.

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We’ve decided to focus on two key areas during the Sessions evening on June 29. We want to let you know how Film Whanganui has grown, including what recent film projects have contributed to Whanganui, and talk you through our marketing activity and the gains we’ve made on the back of increased central government funding.

Film Whanganui is one of our newest projects and Emma Bugden, Strategic Lead of Creative Industries & Arts, has been sitting in the regional film office director’s chair. Being involved in feature film production is exciting, challenging and definitely requires creativity and adaptability.

While we all enjoy seeing Whanganui’s profile lifted, and appreciate the local enthusiasm for having film crews and celebrities around town, we know that projects like this have to be meaningful and culminate in significant benefits for our economy.

So have they? Join us at Sessions and we’ll talk you through Film Whanganui’s work, wins and wisdom gained.

Another form of media not entirely visible to locals is Whanganui & Partners’ marketing activity. If a billboard goes up in a city and no one from Whanganui sees it, does it resound?

We don’t aim for locals to see our advertising – because they already know how great it is here, we want new eyes on all of our marketing efforts and we aim for maximum impact. A funding boost, like central government provided last year and has announced we can expect again, gives us greater reach but we have to use that potential wisely.

Effective marketing involves calculated risk and consideration. With so many media platforms available, and the distractions and competition for attention that come with them, we need to be focused and deliberate and willing to make big calls.

Our marketing work is something we’re proud of and constantly reassess, and we value the opportunity to speak to these efforts, explain our methods and extrapolate the outcomes.

We’re an economic development agency made up of people who want what’s best for Whanganui and we value the relationships we have with the business community and public.

Catch-up sessions are what friends do to enrich their relationships with each other. Our Sessions are an opportunity for us to show how much we value the businesses and people who make our work so gratifying.

We invite you to join us at the Innovation Quarter to share and compare – let’s catch up and talk about all the great things you’ve been up to too.

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