We enjoy the opportunity to review our work

The Whanganui region is an amazing place to live, work and visit, with a diverse natural environment, vibrant creative culture and rich history, but what makes our place truly special is our people.

Performance Reports 2019 - 2022

At Whanganui & Partners, we’re motivated by the belief that Whanganui should be a place where our people can access the opportunities and resources they need to achieve their goals. We want to see our entrepreneurs and artists bringing their great ideas to life, our established businesses growing, our youth engaging in pathways to employment and our brand well-known around New Zealand, representing the best of us and raising our profile.


NOTE: In March 2022, Whanganui & Partners became a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO). The Annual Report for the period from March 2022 to the end of the financial year is the Audited Financial Statements below. Whanganui & Partners also produced a detailed report on its activities in the 2021- 2022 financial year, reflected in the Performance Report below.


Annual Report 2021/22 (Audited Financial Statements)

Audited Financial Statements 2022



Performance Report 2021/22

Whanganui & Partners 2021/2022 Performance Report



Annual Report 2020/21

Whanganui & Partners 2020/2021 Annual Report



Annual Report 2019/20

Whanganui & Partners 2019/2020 Annual Report



Email us if you need a report sent to you: info@whanganuiandpartners.nz with the subject line Annual Report.


Statement of Financial Performance 2019/2020

About Whanganui & Partners

We work to promote Whanganui as a destination to live, visit, work, study and invest.

Our activities also include supporting new and existing businesses, bringing events to Whanganui and providing the latest economic data, analysis and commentary on the Whanganui district.

Our Partners

Our relationships form an intrinsic part of our culture and how we work as an organisation. Along with our partners, we help with the facilitation of guidance or expertise. We lead in consultation with a range of partners and stakeholders and work with them to realise the full potential of Whanganui.

Our partnerships lead to better outcomes for our businesses and community.

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